Entrepreneurs Add Value

Entrepreneurs rock! They have a spirit that I find contagious and motivating. They have new ideas, drive and a customer focus that I think can add value to any company looking to grow or improve how they do business.

Today I met a few entrepreneurs at a 1 Million Cups networking event in Savannah. Some have successful businesses. Some are looking to start a business.

Jennifer Atkinson and her husband help people with disabilities become employees. Their Progressive Abilities Support Services (PASS) company has four offices in Florida and Georgia and works with individuals and employers. This is employee communication at the earliest stages — even before someone becomes an employee. Helping young people and those with disabilities learn how to be good employees is a great service to those involved and community at large.

Companies can learn from Atkinson’s work and recognize that employee communication starts with the first contact a prospective employee has with a company — often through the job requisition posted on a careers page.

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